Thursday, April 4, 2013

Complete idiocy from two morons

These are two Ancients of Daze on the grotesque Opera-Smell, enabled by the Little Librarian who could one, Bob Kosovksy. Tritter is an elderly shyster who once married a middling but very capable coloratura named Rita Shane. She divorced him. In my imagination, she is digging his grave in front of him as he watches helpless in his wheelchair. I fancy in moments of fury that the genital female slave he bought to replace her has sneaked up behind him to --- PUSH!!! Truly this is one of the most vicious and grotesquely stupid horrors on the Opera 'Net, which is not lacking in those. (And yes, dear reader, I have sometimes been described as vicious, sweet as I obviously am. But never stupid). The topic was Shakespeare in Opera, as though any of these cretins had ever thought about a play attributed to Shakespeare, or could really understand one. Daniel Tritter on Opera-L
bellini "i capuleti ed i montecchi" handel "giulio cesare" ades "the tempest" barber "anthony and cleopatra" reimann "lear" and for greatness in a brother art form: porter "kiss me, kate" bernstein "west side story" rodgers "the boys from syracuse"
(For the record, the Bellini is NOT based on Shakespeare, only a pretentious moron would think so, the Handel is not even remotely based on Shakespeare, only a death bound goon would even broach that.) A response was made by the reigning queen of Opera Smell, empowered by The Little Librarian that could. Rideout is a preposterous singer maven, who thinks because he's compiled chronologies of now forgotten singers, he is MAGNIFICENT. What he doesn't know about opera, music or anything other than the number of bowel movements Celestina Boninsegna had between acts of Aida would overflow The Atlantic Ocean. Bob Rideout:
Whatever Dan's examples are, or are not, one thing is certain, they are much closer to the spirit and the letter of Shakespeare than most of the Regie (aka Eurotrash) that passes for legitimate representation of "composers" "librettists" and "original sources" (aka Shakeseare, Belasco etc), at least in my limited experience with these celebrated innovations. In my not so humble opinion!
The opinion is neither humble nor intelligent and the statement above is simply erroneous and PHILISTINE. It takes a real opera queen of the old school (the reform school for the hopeless) to link William Shakespeare with David Belasco!!!! Can't they all starve to death in cardboard boxes during the rare blizzard? pix: the delightful Maria Callas

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